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04/15/2019 Reverse Mortgage LOs Find Success With Unusual Marketing Moves (Reverse Mortgage Daily)
04/11/2019 Forbes: Details on Reverse Mortgage for Purchase (Reverse Mortgage Daily)
03/24/2019 U.S. News: Reverse Mortgages Included Among Tips to Strengthen Retirement (Reverse Mortgage Daily)
02/28/2019 These tech solutions are helping reverse mortgage players up their game (HousingWire)
09/03/2018 Reverse Mortgages Are Booming Worldwide, and the United States is Next (Reverse Mortgage Daily)
08/28/2018 Financial Columnist Changes Mind on Reverse Mortgages (Reverse Mortgage Daily)
08/28/2018 Retirement Planners May Need to Bring Seniors Back to Reality (Reverse Mortgage Daily)
08/28/2018 WSJ Positions Aging in Place as Economical Alternative to Assisted Living (Reverse Mortgage Daily)
08/27/2018 Modeling Reverse Mortgage Outcomes Key to Financial Planner Acceptance (Reverse Mortgage Daily)
08/27/2018 10% of Surveyed Seniors Say They’ll Fund Long-Term Care with Reverse Mortgages (Reverse Mortgage Daily)
6/25/2018 Navigating the Regulatory Maze of Reverse Mortgage Referrals (Reverse Mortgage Daily)
5/2/2018 Ocwen’s Reverse Mortgage Business Posts Record Quarter (Reverse Mortgage Daily)
4/19/2018 Five Tips for Originating Reverse Mortgages Over the Phone (Reverse Mortgage Daily)
03/21/2018 Reverse Mortgage Lending, Inc. Announces Record Growth, Top Q4 Sales Award (PR Newswire)
2/22/2018 Counselors See Changes in Motives of Reverse Mortgage Borrowers (Reverse Mortgage Daily)
2/7/2018 ‘Generational Lending’ Takes Focus as Key to Reverse Mortgage Growth (Reverse Mortgage Daily)
1/23/2018 New Rules Improve the HECM for Purchase, But Challenges Remain (Reverse Mortgage Daily)

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